Invitation letter for research visit

The invitation letter for a research visit is a free-form letter; it may also be an email exchange. It should contain at least the following information:

  • name of inviting person, their position in the organisation
  • name of invited person
  • planned dates and objective of visit
  • possible salary, grant or fee paid by the receiving organisation.

The reasons for conducting research at the organisation in question should be included in the application on the tab ‘Mobility’.

The invitation letter is a public document. As such, it must not include any confidential information.

The invitation is appended to the application in PDF format. If you have several invitations, you can scan them as one file and provide a summary of the invitations on the first page of the file. Please do not append any letters of recommendation to the application.

Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_invitation.

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