Good scientific practice

The Academy requires that Academy-funded researchers publish their work following the principles of open access. We also urge them to store their research data and make them available through archives or storage services that are important in their own disciplines. When applying for funding from the Academy, researchers must include in their research plans a brief publication plan and a data management plan. Read more about open access.

Working in close consultation with the Finnish research community, the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity, an expert body appointed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, has drawn up guidelines for good scientific practice and procedures for handling misconduct and fraud in science. The Academy of Finland is committed to complying with these guidelines.

The Academy of Finland takes into account the principles of sustainable development in all its funding for research. The objectives of the Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development cover a wide range of sectors in the society. The Academy of Finland funds research across all scientific disciplines and thereby promotes the attainment of these objectives.

All project partners in a project funded by the Academy of Finland must agree on the intellectual property rights (IPR) concerning the project’s research results. The agreement should be made in writing and as soon as possible after the funding decision has been issued. At the launch of the project, the partners should also agree on the rights of ownership and use of the materials and data to be used by the project.

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