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Academy of Finland’s mission 

The Academy of Finland provides funding and expertise with a view to advancing the quality and impact of scientific research, renewing science and developing research environments in Finland.

Academy of Finland strategy

There is a greater need than ever for science and scientific knowledge. Creating new knowledge and strengthening the existing knowledge base are fundamental conditions for the continued improvement of society. Research, research-based education and the application of scientific knowledge are all mutually supportive. At the same time, science and its ways of working are constantly evolving.

The Academy of Finland is a major player in the research, education and innovation system.

Academy of Finland funding is open to application from all scientists and researchers.  The peer review process brings out the best research ideas, the most promising researchers and the most attractive research environments. The Academy is committed to supporting high quality, high impact and responsible research.

One of the Academy’s primary funding principles is high quality and excellence in research. International engagement and cooperation are an integral part of high quality research. The impact of research is manifested in many different ways, and quality is an intrinsic requirement of all impact.

Science renews itself by discovering and choosing new research topics, methods and approaches and through research communities. Supporting this process of self-renewal is one of the key goals of Academy research funding.

Strategy implementation: key measures

Quality and impact of research

The Academy of Finland promotes high quality, high impact and responsible research as well as the practical application of this research and the knowledge and skills it generates.

To achieve this objective the Academy will base its decision-making about the allocation of research funding by instrument and by discipline on the quality of research, on the scientific and other impact of research, and on the reform and self-renewal of science. The Academy will promote equality and responsible research and in all its funding take into account the requirements of international engagement and researcher mobility.

The Academy works actively and closely with various stakeholder groups in the research, education and innovation system.

To achieve this objective the Academy will maintain constant dialogue with universities, research institutes and the scientific community. Furthermore, the Academy will continue to deepen its funding collaboration with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes, to explore opportunities of cooperation with foundations, and continue its cooperation with foreign funding agencies especially in connection with Academy Programmes.

Renewal of science

In its research funding, peer reviews and decision-making, the Academy of Finland will give special consideration to the introduction of new research topics, methods and approaches and aim to identify opportunities for scientific breakthroughs.

Strengthening science policy processes

The Academy of Finland produces high-quality science policy analyses and other material and enhances the use of knowledge about science in science policy decision-making.

To achieve this objective the Academy will develop and disseminate knowledge about science and research funding, demonstrate the different forms of research impact, and develop the peer review process and knowledge and understanding about research environments.

The Academy exercises its science policy expertise in close consultation with other stakeholders in the research, education and innovation system.

To achieve this objective the Academy will continue to work closely with universities and research institutes, enlarge its foresight cooperation with different stakeholders, promote the application of research and skills in society, and contribute actively to international science policy.

Developing the Academy’s Administration Office

The Academy of Finland will work constantly to develop its research funding and science policy role. The Academy will develop its review and funding practices, reform the Administration Office and its practices in line with the strategy’s objectives, make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by personnel turnover and job rotation, and strengthen its skills and competencies in science policy and impact assessment.

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