State of scientific research in Finland

The Academy of Finland’s reviews of the state of scientific research in Finland support Finnish universities and research institutes in their efforts to further develop their operations. The reviews also serve to strengthen the knowledge base for policy-making.

The Academy has produced reviews of the state of scientific research in Finland regularly since late 1990s, at two-year intervals since 2012. In addition, the Academy prepares complementary analyses between the publication years. Such a review process requires active collaboration with stakeholders both when preparing the reviews and when making good use of their results.

The 2016 review

The 2016 review of the state of scientific research in Finland analyses research personnel and funding, publishing, scientific impact and co-publications. The bibliometric analyses compare Finland to twelve research-intensive countries. The review includes a separate section on the impact of research beyond academia, analysed using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Last modified 9 Jan 2017
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