Research funding

The decision dates for the Research Council’s funding decisions are available on the Academy’s website under Table of calls. Below is a list of the Research Council’s funding principles applied in the September 2019 call and arranged by type of funding opportunity.

Academy Project funding

The goal is to grant four-year projects 450,000 euros on average.

The maximum amount of funding per project is 600,000 euros (equivalent to 150,000 euros per year).

The maximum total amount of funding per consortium-based Academy Project is 1,000,000 euros (equivalent to 250,000 euros per year).

Funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow

The Research Council supports the Academy Research Fellows it funds by granting them funding for research costs to the tune of 400,000 euros per five years. The funding will be granted in two parts. The funding for the first three years is a maximum of 240,000 euros and for the last two years a maximum of 160,000 euros.

Funding for research post as Postdoctoral Researcher

The salary of a Postdoctoral Researcher is determined according to a maximum monthly salary of 3,900 euros. Justified research costs will also be accepted (max. 50,000 euros).

Targeted research funding

The Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering contributes to the implementation of the ICT 2023 programme in collaboration with Business Finland. Ten million euros of the Academy of Finland’s budget authority for 2020 will be used to implement the programme.

Last modified 19 Jun 2019
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