What the Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment does

The Research Council for Biosciences and Environment and the Research Council for Health will be merged into one research council. The new research council, the Research Council for Biosciences Health and the Environment, will start operations on 1 January 2019. Read more about the research council reform in our FAQ.

The Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment represents research into biosciences, health and the environment in a wide sense. The research fields in the Research Council’s domain represent basic research, creating a fundamental basis for fields closer to applied research as well. In essence, the research funded by the Research Council is often interdisciplinary.

The Research Council will grant funding for research and researchers within its domain. The most important funding criterion is the scientific quality of the research plan, which will be peer-reviewed. As for Postdoctoral Researcher applicants, attention will also be paid to competence, increasing independence and international mobility. Academy Research Fellows are expected to be competent and independent and have a positive career trajectory and capacity for renewal. Read more in the Research Council’s funding criteria and policies.

The Research Council monitors the impact and effectiveness of the research it has funded each year by analysing research reports and by drawing up reports on its various funding schemes and research fields. In addition, the Research Council regularly arranges meetings with the researchers it has funded.

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Last modified 24 Aug 2018
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