Mentoring programme for researchers

Mentoring programme for researchers

The Academy of Finland and the Council of Finnish Academies have launched a joint mentoring programme for researchers.

The mentoring programme is open for researchers who received their first Academy Project funding from the Academy of Finland in 2017. The programme is aimed at supporting the personal growth and independent development of researchers. The mentors are experienced researchers chosen by the Finnish Academies. The programme will run through to the end of 2019 and will be evaluated upon completion.

The mentoring programme is a new service for early-career researchers who are heading their first extensive research project. The goal of the programme is to provide mentees with opportunities to hone and strengthen their skills and advance their careers under the guidance of more experienced researchers. For the senior-level researchers acting as mentors, the programme offers an opportunity to get to know successful early-career researchers from a broad range of fields. The programme gives both mentees and mentors an opportunity to expand their networks and gain new insights into the work of a researcher beyond their own field of research.

The mentoring programme offers, for instance:

  • professional support for development as an independent researcher
  • new insights into the work of a researchers across scientific disciplines and sectors.

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Last modified 29 Aug 2017
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