The Academy’s Research Council for Health is involved in the work of the Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils, NOS-M. NOS-M works to promote Nordic cooperation among research councils, discuss research policy and disseminate information on national and international science policy actions and initiatives of topical interest.

At NOS-M meetings, participants report on national research funding, research programmes other current issues in health research. NOS-M also provides an important discussion forum that prepares statements to current international initiatives in science policy.

NOS-M has two representatives and two administrative representatives from each Nordic country. The Finnish members are Pauli Puolakkainen and Jorma Toppari, members of the Research Council for Health, as well as Director Jarmo Wahlfors and Science Adviser Sara Illman from the Academy. NordForsk is involved in the work of NOS-M in the capacity of observer.

NordForsk takes care of the secretariat’s practical work. The chairmanship rotates among the Nordic countries every three years. The annual NOS-M budget is some 73,000 euros. NOS-M normally convenes twice a year.

Last modified 10 Mar 2016
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