NordForsk is a Nordic research funding organisation that was established in 2005 under the Nordic Council of Ministers with responsibility for Nordic cooperation in research and researcher training. NordForsk receives its funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic research funding agencies.

NordForsk is governed by a board composed of representatives of the national funding agencies. The NordForsk Board includes a representative for the Academy of Finland. The NordForsk secretariat is based in Oslo.

The Nordic Research and Innovation Area (NORIA) is an integral part of the European Research Area (ERA). As part of NORIA, NordForsk is committed to strengthening and developing Nordic science, research, technology and innovation with a view to improving international competitiveness and wellbeing in the Nordic countries. The aim is to combine national strengths with a view to contributing to the success of the Nordic countries on a global level. In order to achieve these goals, NordForsk works to identify research fields that benefit from a joint Nordic approach, provide funding to Nordic research and coordination projects as well as draft recommendations for the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Projects applying for funding from NordForsk must involve researchers from at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) or autonomous Nordic areas (the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands). Several NordForsk activities are open to all countries in the Nordic region, which besides the Nordic countries also includes the adjacent areas Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and northwestern Russia. Researcher training environments in these areas are provided with the opportunity to take part in NordForsk activities both at the institutional and individual level.

Last modified 29 Feb 2016
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