Joint Programming

Joint Programming involves building a new European approach with the aim of strengthening research and research funding cooperation in Europe in the interests of addressing certain specific societal challenges. Joint Programming is based on major European or global challenges that cannot be solved solely through national efforts. Funding for jointly coordinated actions comes from pooling national resources that may comprise input from research organisations themselves or from research funding from research funding organisations.

The aim is that research knowledge, funding resources, research equipment and material as well as research results can be used more efficiently. The potential for sizeable and comprehensive components covering broad topics in a long-term perspective will also bring added value, as will improved coordination and transnational collaboration. All this will contribute to the impact and efficiency of European research.

A total of ten European Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) are currently underway; Finland is involved in eight of them. The Academy of Finland participates in the coordination of Water JPI. In the other initiatives, Academy representatives are involved either in JPI governance or in the work of national support groups.

The Finnish representatives in the High-Level Group for Joint Programming are Vice President for Research Riitta Maijala and Senior Science Adviser Sirpa Nuotio from the Academy of Finland.

Last modified 7 May 2020
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