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The European Research Council (ERC) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Over these past ten years, the ERC has become an important funding source for Finnish researchers as well. Finnish researchers have become increasingly successful in ERC funding competitions.

Get to know some of the Finnish researchers who have received ERC funding on this page. And please join us in celebrating the ERC by sharing stories of excellent European research with the hashtag #ERC10yrs!

Academy Research Fellow Hélder Santos, University of Helsinki: ERC Starting Grant, Multistage-Multifunctional Porous Silicon Nanovectors for Directed Theranostics

Academy Research Fellow Hélder A. Santos is a talented and internationally renowned researcher in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology and nanomedicines. The multicultural research team under his direction at the University of Helsinki is one of the European pioneers in developing targeted nanomedicines made of porous silicon (PSi) biomaterials. The team’s work has opened up new vistas for the use of nanomaterials in biomedicine and for their application in the treatment of different diseases. Santos received European Research Council Starting Grant funding for his research in 2013.

Academy Research Fellow Tuuli Lähdesmäki, University of Jyväskylä: ERC Starting Grant, Legitimation of European cultural heritage and the dynamics of identity politics in the EU

Academy Research Fellow Tuuli Lähdesmäki has studied the role of culture in the representation and formation of different identities. Her current research focus is on the European Union’s activities in the realm of culture. In her latest research project, Lähdesmäki is exploring the creation of a common European cultural heritage and the building of European identities with that cultural heritage. Lähdesmäki has received funding from both the Academy of Finland and the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant).

Associate Professor Vincenzo Cerullo, University of Helsinki: ERC Consolidator Grant.

Associate Professor Vincenzo Cerullo, ERC grantee at the University of Helsinki, Finland, is developing a therapeutic cancer vaccine that is based on viruses. His research project is called PeptiCrad: Personalized oncolytic vaccins for cancer immunotherapy. Cerullo received the ERC Consolidator Grant in 2015.

Academy Research Fellow Annele Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland: ERC Starting Grant, Quantifying the atmospheric implications of the solid phase and phase transitions of secondary organic aerosols.

“My ERC-funded project involves a major global research question: climate change. Thanks to the ERC, I’ve been able to plan my research in the long term”, says Annele Virtanen, Academy Research Fellow at the University of Eastern Finland. Virtanen received an ERC Starting Grant for her project in 2013.

Associate professor Paula Hohti, Aalto University: ERC Consolidator Grant, Re-fashioning the Renaissance: Popular groups, fashion and the material and cultural significance of clothing in Europe, 1550–1650.

Associate Professor Paula Hohti’s ERC project explores fashion in 16th and 17th century Europe and thus the roots of western fashion. Hohti’s team is developing new kinds of practical experimental methods to be integrated into historical research. Hohti received an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2016 and she works at Aalto University, Finland.

Last modified 20 Mar 2017
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