ERA-NETs and other EU cooperation networks


The ERA-NET scheme, a funding instrument of the EU Framework Programme, contributes to the promotion of cooperation between national research programmes and research funding agencies. ERA-NETs network national or regional programmes, support cooperation and coordination of national and regional research programmes, increase systematic exchange of information between programmes and map out obstacles to cooperation.

ERA-NETs organise multinational calls for researchers within themes that are planned in cooperation with the actors involved in the network. Within the scheme, the European Commission provides funding to national funding agencies to cover their coordination and administration costs related to ERA-NET activities. Through ERA-NET Plus funding, the Commission also contributes to the funding of ERA-NET research programmes together with the funding agencies involved in ERA-NET networks. ERA-NET partner organisations separately decide on their participation in joint calls. After the Commission’s funding has ended, ERA-NETs can function as independent (funding) networks or as part of Joint Programming Initiatives.

The Academy has actively participated in various components within ERA-NETs and been responsible for the preparation of work that is related to the Academy’s own activities in Finland. In ERA-NET calls opened between 2007 and 2014, the Academy has provided some 22 million euros in funding to Finnish researchers in funded consortia.


INCO-NET (International Cooperation Network) was one of the funding schemes within International Cooperation (INCO) that was included in the specific programme “Capacities” of the EU Seventh Framework Programme. INCO was aimed at increasing FP participation by third countries and at creating opportunities for European researchers to participate in research programmes and research funding in third countries.

Besides INCO-NETs and international ERA-NETs, the INCO programme also provides funding for projects associated with bilateral actions (BILAT, EU-ACCESS). 

Last modified 11 Oct 2019
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