The Finnish Flagship programme

The Finnish Flagship programme

The Finnish Flagships - The northern fleet of excellent science, successful collaboration and solutions for tomorrow

The Finnish Flagship Programme provides a new, unique way of doing R&D&I in Finland. Substantial, long-term funding is granted for six large ecosystems, Flagships, each operating in their specific field.

The Programme promotes active collaboration between research, business and society in the field of each Flagship. This supports future knowledge and know-how, and helps to create solutions to societal challenges, develop new business opportunities, and contribute to sustainable growth.

The Finnish Flagships are attractive, large ecosystems and hubs for excellent people with high ambitions. They represent high-quality research and proven societal impact, peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts and selected by the Academy of Finland, Research Council of Finland.

The six Finnish Flagships funded under the first two calls are in operation. The host organisations of the Flagships include six universities, two research institutes and Helsinki University Hospital. Between 2019 and 2022, the organisations will fund the flagships with a total of 320 million euros. The Academy of Finland’s funding contribution to the Flagship Programme comes to 54.5 million euros. In addition, the Finnish Government’s supplementary budget for 2020 allocated 25 million euros to the Academy for a third call. The call opens on 11 August and closes on 2 September 2020.

Last modified 1 Jul 2020
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