Health and wellbeing in society

The session Health and Wellbeing in Society dug deep into the challenges posed by an ageing population and how those challenges can be met.

As the Finnish population ages, the need for care services for the elderly grows. Older people often feel isolated and disconnected and care personnel suffer from work overload. This means that family members play a crucial role in improving the wellbeing and social engagement of older people. Families often do not have the means to know more about how their elderly family members are doing and what help they need. Denzil Ferreira (University of Oulu) presented a solution to this problem that utilises wellbeing metrics so that care personnel and families can monitor the wellbeing of the elderly persons and provide better care.


Esa Räsänen (Tampere University of Technology) talked about the similarities between broccoli and heartbeat, and how the information about the similarities can be put to good use in targeted treatments.


Current treatments for many neurodegenerative diseases only deal with the symptoms, which does not stop the disease from progressing and getting worse. Timo Myöhänen (University of Helsinki) talked about his research project that uses a novel form of treatment to reduce the number of neuron-killer enzymes and to remove such enzymes completely. In the future, this could help prevent many severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, for instance. (Pitch in Finnish)


Commentators Maria Höyssä (Permanent Expert, Committee for the Future) and Teija Lahti-Nuutila (Executive Director, Business Finland). Moderation by Liisa Mayow from Kaskas Media. (Comments partly in Finnish & partly in English)

Last modified 28 Sep 2018
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