Oja, Erkki: CoE in Adaptive Informatics Research

Adaptive informatics is a field of research within information technology where the aim is to discover relevant and informative concepts, components and their mutual relations from large amounts of data. The goal of the CoE was to make information more compact and accessible for the end-user.

Automated learning algorithms were used to handle large amounts of data. The CoE aimed to build systems that process multimodal contextual information including spoken and written language, images, videos, and explicit and implicit user feedback. Refining these kinds of data required not only pattern recognition, image processing and speech recognition, but also cognitive scientific procedures. The CoE also developed and applied its algorithmic methods to problems in neuroinformatics and bioinformatics together with experts in brain science and molecular biology. The methods were also introduced in practice with the help of national business companies.

Many of the methods were based on research conducted during the previous CoE term in 2000–2005. The CoE consisted of five research groups.

The CoE was headed by Professor Erkki Oja.

Last modified 27 Oct 2015
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