Hari, Riitta: CoE in Systems Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Research

The Centre of Excellence in Systems Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Research developed new brain imaging methods with the goal of providing a more in-depth understanding of the functions of the human brain at systems level. Researchers at the CoE studied brain functions and their disorders in both adults and children. The research spanned a broad range of issues from sensory systems, cognition, emotion and language to social interaction. The CoE also developed clinical applications to facilitate, for instance, rehabilitation of stroke and brain tumour patients.

The basic research carried out at the CoE helped in understanding the brain basis of reading disorders (dyslexia), eating disorders and chronic pain. The CoE comprised three research teams: the Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory at Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), the Advanced Magnetic Imaging Centre at HUT, and the Neuroscience Unit of the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Helsinki.

The CoE was headed by Professor Riitta Hari.

Last modified 27 Oct 2015
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