Translational Cancer Biology

Translational Cancer Biology bannerThere is a pressing need for better and more individually tailored cancer therapies. Targeted therapies are highly effective, but it is crucial that combinations are carefully selected so as to avoid the development of tumour drug resistance.

The Centre of Excellence in Translational Cancer Biology is committed to identifying new targets for therapy among the body's own cells that are necessary for the growth and spread of cancer. In addition, it will explore other cellular structures that have proved significant in the immediate vicinity of cancer cells. Blockers targeting these cells can open up huge new opportunities to develop targeted combination therapies.

The goal of the CoE is to identify new treatment strategies designed to prevent the growth and spread of cancer by using preclinical models. The expertise of the researchers ranges from the basic biology of cancer to treatment trials, providing an optimal setting for the translation of research results into practice for the patient's best.

The CoE is ideally placed to conduct basic research that can pave the way to effective methods for the diagnosis and targeted therapy of cancer.

More information

  • Academy Professor Kari Alitalo, University of Helsinki (HU)
  • Sirpa Jalkanen, University of Turku (UTU)
  • Johanna Ivaska, UTU
  • Olli Kallioniemi, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
  • Heikki Joensuu, HU
  • Päivi Ojala, HU
  • Tomi Mäkelä, HU
  • Pipsa Saharinen, HU


Last modified 28 May 2018
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