Research on Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease (FinMIT)

Research on Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease (FinMIT) bannerThe Centre of Excellence in Research on Mitochondria, Metabolism and Disease (FinMIT) is focused on the molecular mechanisms that regulate mitochondrial homeostasis. The CoE applies disease models aimed at understanding pathological processes and testing treatment strategies. A major area of focus is the pathophysiology of direct and indirect mitochondrial dysfunctions. The unit is also interested in the associations and mechanisms between metabolic obesity and mitochondria. The unit combines basic research with solid practical medical expertise.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is known to be a major factor in many diseases, including nervous system degeneration, heart disease and general metabolic diseases. As yet there is no cure for mitochondrial diseases, and there are few effective treatments. Therefore, the therapies developed based on the research represent significant new advances.

The CoE focuses on how the mitochondria residing in our cells remain healthy and how they communicate with other parts of the cell in order to maintain metabolic balance. The CoE couples this knowledge with genetic analyses in families with mitochondrial diseases in order to develop disease models that can help test the efficacy of treatments.

More information

  • Academy Professor Howard Jacobs, Tampere University (TAU)
  • Anu Wartiovaara , UH
  • Brendan Battersby, UH
  • Kirsi Pietiläinen, UH


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