Seminar: Biobanking for Future Research and Health 28–29 May 2018

Seminar: Biobanking for Future Research and Health 28–29 May 2018

5 Apr 2018

Organised by pHealth and Cohort Academy Programmes, Academy of Finland 
Venue: Crowne Plaza Helsinki (Mannerheimintie 50, 00260 Helsinki)
Registration at by 24th May (registration code biobank)

The seminar is open to all who are interested in future biobank research.


Day 1 (Monday 28 May): Biobanks in Research

9.30–10.00 Morning coffee in Winter Garden

10.00–10.10 Welcoming words
Prof. Pirjo Nuutila, Chair of the Steering Committee of pHealth and Cohort Academy Programmes, Research Council for Health, Academy of Finland

10.10–10.40 Biobank – Way to Sustainable Research
Johanna Arola, Acting CEO, FinBioBank

Presentations of projects in pHealth and Cohort Academy Programmes

10.4011.00 Connecting Northern Finland Birth Cohorts with Borealis and THL Biobanks (CoCoBi) – Current Progress and Future Plans 
PhD. Kaisa Silander, National Institute for Health and Welfare

11.00–11.20 Using Twins to Test the Causal Nature of Associations Observed from Biobank Studies
Prof. Jaakko Kaprio, University of Helsinki

11.20–11.40 Exploiting Celiac Disease Cohorts in Personalized Medicine
Docent Päivi Saavalainen, University of Helsinki

11.40–12.00 Metatranscriptomics for Clinical Samples
Teija Ojala, PhD, University of Helsinki

12.00–13.30 Lunch in restaurant Sali and posters

Presentations of projects in pHealth and Cohort Academy Programmes

13.3013.50 Personalised Medicine to Predict and Prevent Type 1 Diabetes
Prof. Riitta Lahesmaa, Unversity of Turku

13.50–14.10 Early Determinants of Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Reproductive Health  EDCaR
Prof. Harri Niinikoski, Unversity of Turku

14.10–14.30 Finnish Biobanks in Health Business and Data Economy
Prof. Ilpo Helén, University of Eastern Finland


14.30–15.00 From Biobanks to Biodatabanks  A Crucial Transformation on the Road to Personalised Medicine
Prof. Olli Carpén, University of Helsinki & Scientific Director, Helsinki Biobank

15.00 Posters and Biobanks in Winter Garden
with refreshments

Day 2 (Tuesday 29 May): Biobanking for Public Health

9.00–9.15 Opening words
Director General, CMO Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

9.15–9.45 BBMRI-ERIC and Connecting Biobanks at the European and National level to Provide High Quality Samples and Associated Data for Health
Docent Anu Jalanko, National Institute for Health and Welfare

9.45–10.15 The future Genome Center – A Working Group Proposal 
Sandra Liede, Senior Specialist, Legal Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

10.15–10.45 Large Scale Biobank Projects: Example FinnGen
Prof. Aarno Palotie, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland

10.45–11.15 FinnGen as a Honey Jar for Additional Biomedical Studies
Eero Punkka, Head of Customer Relations, Helsinki Biobank

11.30–13.00 Lunch in restaurant Sali and posters in Winter Garden

13.00–13.30 Reporting Results Back for the Biobank Participants: Why? Why not? How? How not? Now? Not yet?
Prof. Markus Perola, National Institute for Health and Welfare

13.30–14.00 Chance, Genes and Environment in Complex Disorders – Realism for Genomics in Medicine
Prof. Juha Kere, King's College London, Karolinska Institutet & University of Helsinki

14.00 Panel discussion (in Finnish):
Tutkimusta biopankkinäytteillä – hyödyt ja huolet

Puheenjohtaja: Jukka Ruukki, tiedetoimittaja

Karoliina Snell, yliopistotutkija, Helsingin yliopisto
Johanna Arola, vt. toimitusjohtaja, Biopankkien osuuskunta
Markus Perola, tutkimusprofessori, THL
Anne Pitkäranta, tutkimusjohtaja, HUS

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