Greetings from DIGIHUM Opening seminar (13 March 2020)

Greetings from DIGIHUM Opening seminar (13 March 2020)

23 Mar 2020

Opening seminar of the second phase of the Digital Humanities (DIGIHUM) academy programme was organised in Helsinki on Friday 13 March, i.e., on the same day that the President of the Adacemy of Finland, Heikki Mannila, advised all the employees of the AF Administration Office to start working from home. The seminar itself was carried out according to original plans. Dinner and other social programme, however, were cancelled.

Several registered participants decided to cancel their participation due to the daily changing situation with the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, in the end, a little bit less than half of the originally registered participants showed up in the seminar venue. Also, two project presentations were cancelled due to the same precautions. However, luckily there also was a reasonable amount participants from the funded consortia and interested stakeholders, such as The National Archives of Finland. Eventually, the following three consortia introduced themselves: Eero Hyvönen’s ”Semantic Parliament”, Hannu Salmi’s ”Movie Making Finland”, and Päivi Onkamo’s ”Uralic Triangulation” (presented by Outi Vesakoski).

Delightfully, the keynote guest of the seminar, Professor Julia Noordegraaf of the University of Amsterdam made it to the seminar and gave a very inspiring presentation concerning the Time Machine Europe initiative, which is an EU-funded project developing the research roadmap for a large-scale initiative to build a digitisation and computing infrastructure based on multi-scale modelling and simulation and AI technologies. This infrastructure will be used for digitising huge volumes of information from Europe’s historical archives, large museum and library collections, and geo-historical datasets that are mapping millennia of European historical and geographical evolution. (Reference, In the seminar, there was an excellent collaborative atmosphere and clear willingness to jointly promote common interests in the field of digital humanities.

Presentations given at the seminar:

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