Digital Humanities (DIGIHUM) 2016-2019, 2020-2022

Digital humanities is a new concept that refers to the application of new technology in humanities and social sciences research. The Digital Humanities Academy Programme is designed to address novel methods and techniques in which digital technology and state-of-the-art computational science methods are used for collecting, managing and analysing data in humanities and social sciences research as well as for modelling humanities and social science phenomena.

There is a strong tradition of digital humanities in Finland. By bringing together the existing best knowledge and skills in this field, Finland will put itself in a strong position to develop into a world leader in this rapidly evolving field. The programme is grounded in the needs of basic research, but technological advances in this area also have great potential for practical applications that warrant research.

The development of research in these areas will require broad-based collaboration involving not only researchers in the field, but also technology experts, representatives of memory organisations (libraries, archives) and database administrators and developers. One aspect of the programme is to examine digitalisation as a cultural and social phenomenon.

Digital Humanities programme has a call for funding period 2020-2022. In total 101  letters of intent were submitted to the call. The subcommittee of the  steering group of the programme will select the applications to the second stage of the call in June.

Read more about the themes and targets of the programme in Programme memorandum.
See what Programme Manager Risto Vilkko told about the April 2019 call in the webinar on 21 March.


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