Frequently Asked Questions on R'Life Programme's April 2019 calls

20 Mar 2019

Q: I would like to apply to the additional call of R’Life, but it is not clear if the research plan for this call should be 6 pages as mentioned in the call document or 12 pages mentioned in the structure of the research plan document.
A: Six pages is the correct length in the additional call as indicated in the call documents – the link to the structure of the research plan is just to help you with the basic organization of the plan which is the same as in the 12-page research plans used in most other Academy calls.

Q: In the Programme Memorandum, genome and gene research is frequently mentioned. On the other hand regulatory mechanisms of cells, individuals and/or populations are also mentioned. Is the focus of the programme strictly on genomic research or can other types of regulatory networks also be considered?
A: Regulatory networks other than genome can also be the focus. The quality of the research will be more of a determining factor than what type of omics the research plan focuses on.

Q: How many applications will likely be funded in the two calls?
A: Likely, in the consortium call there will be 6 funded consortia at 1 M€ / consortium and in the additional call 8 individual researchers at 250 000 € / applicant. However, these numbers are indicative.

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding researchers currently having ongoing Academy Funding (e.g. Academy Project or Centre of Excellence funding)?
A: No, there are not. Ongoing Academy funding does not restrict your eligibility in the R’Life calls.

Q: Is the additional call for individual researchers or for consortia?
A: The additional call is specifically for individual researchers who have ongoing Academy funding effective on 24 April 2019.

Q: In the Programme memorandum it is stated: "The programme will later be supplemented with an international call (or several calls), whose funding budget will be decided separately." Can you elaborate on this?
A: The aim of the Academy is to complement the two open R’Life calls by participating/organizing in an international call in which the Finnish PI has partner(s) getting their respective funding from sources other than the Academy. This could mean, for example, an Era-Net call if suitable call occurs at the right time. The form and schedule of this international call will be determined later.

Q: Your instructions state that a single subproject can be maximum of 70 % of the total project budget. Does this mean out of Academy’s 70 % share of total budget or the total requested budget? If a consortium applies for 1 M€ from the Academy (+ the self-financing part), what can be the maximum amount requested by a subproject?
A:The 70 % maximum is calculated from the amount requested from the Academy. That is, in a consortium requesting 1 M€ from the Academy, maximum amount requested by one PI is 700 000 € (full cost mode, Academy’s share).

Q: I have an ongoing Academy Project. As an ongoing grant holder, can I still apply as a PI in the consortium call or am I limited to the additional call?
A: Holding an ongoing Academy grant does not make you ineligible for the consortium call so you can apply in whichever call you prefer. The only restriction is that one researcher can only apply for funding in one of the two R’Life calls, not both.

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