Synthetic Biology FinSynBio, 2013-2017

Synthetic biology is ƒa new area of multidisciplinary research that combines biosciences, medical sciences, physical and chemical sciences, engineering and other disciplines. One of the goals of this fast evolving field of research is to build and tailor new biological components such as biocatalysts or genetic circuits and to assemble them into biological devices and production systems.

Synthetic biology research provides the tools needed for the design and fabrication of self-organised biocomposites, devices and systems, and the reorganisation of natural mechanisms, for instance. It will also facilitate the introduction of new kinds of technologies, such as more freely scalable, environmentally less damaging and more efficient industrial processes, as well as new environmental, nutritional and health-related applications.

In the Academy Programme Synthetic Biology (FinSynBio), researchers from a number of different fields will join forces to, for instance, engage in quantitative analysis and modelling of biological processes and process engineering to create new properties.

Read more about the programme’s themes, background and goals.


Jukka Reivinen
Programme Manager
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Erika Lempiäinen
Project Officer
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