TULE Future Electronics (2003-2006)


The national Research Programme for Future Electronics (TULE) has come to its conclusion. TULE research programme promoted long-term and high-level basic research leading to new innovative applications, and it supported the ongoing research and development efforts in Finland. An important goal was to strengthen the scientific know-how in the fields that are important to the present and future development of the Finnish electronics industry and to educate skilled workforce required to growth.


TULE programme was composed of 18 research projects that were related to three subject areas:

  • Circuits and systems
  • Materials, optics and optoelectronics
  • Nanoelectronics

Final Report TULE programme projects' final reports (pdf, 15 MB)


An important national co-operation partner has been the Miniaturising Electronics technology programme (ELMO, 2002-2005) funded by Tekes - Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.
TULE research programme has been networked to European materials research funding co-operation through ERA-NET project MATERA. And international co-operation generally has been carried out virtually in all of the projects.


There were altogether 61 funded research partners. The funding by Academy of Finland was 7.51 million euros, and adding up with other funding sources of the projects, the total volume of the TULE research programme was 11.7 million euros. As the results there are 60 PhD dissertations, over 430 refereed publications, and over 250 conference papers.

Duration 2003-2006

Evaluation TULE 2003-2006.pdf


The research program was coordinated by programme manager Paavo-Petri Ahonen, Academy of Finland

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