Climate change impacts on ecosystem services – Processes and adaptation alternatives on a landscape level (CLIMES)

Ecosystems generate a range of goods and services important to human wellbeing, collectively called ecosystem services. The spatial modelling of ecosystem services is a rapidly advancing scientific discipline. The spatial valuation of ecosystem services will support the decision-making on land use and the management of natural resources. Climate change poses a major challenge for the sustainable management of key ecosystem services, and sector-specific adaptation measures are therefore needed.

CLIMES is a three-year project co-funded by the Academy of Finland and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The aim is to increase our understanding of key ecosystem processes and develop methodologies in the context of climate change impacts and adaptation options for spatially explicit values of services across landscapes. The project brings together experts in forest and landscape ecology, soil and catchment processes, water resources and limnology, remote sensing, system analysis and modelling, and valuation of ecosystem services.

The project consists of field studies, statistical analyses of long-term and regional data, modelling, geographical information systems and remote sensing, and ecosystem service accounting. The particular focus of the CLIMES project is on ecosystem services related to water resources and carbon sequestration of terrestrial ecosystems. The sites being studied are the Yanhe Basin in China and the Vanajavesi Basin in Finland.   

Last modified 17 Jul 2015
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