Finnish Companies and the Challenges of Globalization, LIIKE (2001-2004)



The primary goal of the research programme (LIIKE) was to study the changes in Finnish companies and their management under increasing pressures of knowledge-based competition and finance-driven economy. Particular attention was devoted to the related development as well as new management skills and competence in Finnish companies.

The programme helped to shed light on the following questions: how the companies are changing as the basic unit of the market economy, how Finnish companies emerge and develop in the new business environment, how their transformation takes place at company level, and how to develop new, innovative forms of practices suited to the new business environment.

Research themes

- Innovations in knowledge-intensive companies
- Knowledge formation and organizing: from product-driven to knowledge-intensive companies
- Company networks in the global economy
- Emergence and development of the electronic market place: threats and opportunities
- Owners and top management
- Entrepreneurship - the emergence and development of new companies
- Work, the individual and management in a global business environment
- The social and ecological responsibility of enterprises and business management in the global economy


The Academy of Finland allocated EUR 4,3 million to the programme.

Duration 2001-2004

Evaluation 12/06 Finnish companies.pdf

Programme memorandum  Programme Memorandum (LIIKE).pdf

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