Project administration

Project administration


NOS-HS policy 2021: changes to exploratory workshop plans

Due to the current situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, NOS-HS has prepared a policy for ongoing exploratory workshop projects 24 April 2020. The policy has been updated in 6 March, 17 May, and 5 July 2021.

Project leaders are advised to make necessary changes to the workshop plan and see that the granted funding is used in a responsible manner. As the first measure: 1) adjust, and if not possible: 2) apply for an extension of the funding period.

This policy contains information on following subjects:

  • When and how to apply for an extension on the funding period
  • When and how to submit new information
  • Technical instructions 

Please note: The NOS-HS secretariat and project administration of all active projects will be transferred from the Academy of Finland to NordForsk in Norway from 1 January 2022. Please submit your requests by the end of October 2021. We cannot guarantee that requests submitted later can be managed by the current secretariat.

Download and read the latest policy

When preparing your application, the following document might prove to be useful:

Previous NOS-HS policies

If you have further questions, please contact at nos-hs(at)

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