Funded projects

Funded projects

NOS-HS workshops

NOS-HS workshop call 2019 funded projects

The workshop call 2019 call received 72 applications, of which 34 projects were funded with a success rate of 47%. The 34 projects cover altogether 100 promising Nordic workshops, taking place in 2020-2021. Funding decisions were made 24 October 2019. You can find the list of funded workshop series below.


Main applicant Organization Project title
Agergaard, Sine Aalborg University Human rights and sport. An exploratory series of Nordic workshops on how to understand, examine and apply a rights-based framework for youth sport
Asmuß, Birte Aarhus University Better performance through better communication: A Nordic perspective on strategy development and implementation
Binder, Thomas Design School Kolding Re-imagining Living with Others
Bloomfield, Kim Aarhus University Twenty years later: Explanations and consequences of the decline in adolescents’ drinking in the Nordic countries
Braae, Ellen Marie University of Copenhagen Exploring Nordic Models of Welfare and Landscape
Cruschina, Silvio University of Helsinki Residual Verb Second in Romance (ReVerSe)
Cullen, Miriam University of Copenhagen ‘Climate refugees’ in the Nordic region: legal and policy responses to new patterns of human mobility (CLaREFi)
Elo, Maria University of Southern Denmark Untapped Language Talent- Migrant Resources in Business and Entrepreneurship
Evald, Majbritt University of Southern Denmark Public Private Innovation Nordic Research Network
Ikonomou, Haakon Andreas University of Copenhagen Scandinavian internationalist diplomacy, 1920s-1970s
Jensen, Kristian Kriegbaum Aalborg University The Civic Selection of Immigrants: A Nordic Perspective
Koefoed, Nina Javette Aarhus University Nordic Variations of Protestant Governance
Kreye, Melanie Technical University of
Engineering service in Nordic manufacturing
Krunke, Helle University of Copenhagen CONNOR 2030 - Constitutionalism in the Nordics
Laakso, Senja University of Helsinki Sustainable consumption, everyday life and social change
Lahti, Janne University of Helsinki Nordic Colonialism and the Global
Leinonen, Johanna Migration Institute of Finland Histories of Refugeedom in the Nordic Countries
Mennecke, Martin University of Southen Denmark Nordic Approaches to R2P and Atrocity Prevention at the United Nations
Muravyeva, Marianna University of Helsinki Queering Family Violence: Violence against LGBTQI+ family members in the past and present societies
Norum, Roger University of Oulu Extending Realities: Pioneering Immersive Technologies in Transdisciplinary Research
Pizzone, Aglae University of Southern Denmark Before copyright: pre-modern practices of intellectual property protection
Ringgaard, Dan Aarhus University Poets & Critics
Runolfsson, Birgir University of Iceland The advantages and disadvantages of user rights in fisheries
Salmenniemi, Suvi University of Turku Contestation of Health and Wellbeing in the Nordic Countries
Sasunkevich, Olga (Volha) Göteborgs universitet Transnational feminist and queer solidarities in times of antigender mobilization in the Nordic region and beyond: Developing exchanges between academia and activism
Schilhab, Theresa Aarhus University EmLearning - The Nordic network of embodied learning
Sigurjonsson, Throstur Olaf University of Iceland Digitalization, Governance and Trust. Governance in the emerging digitalized economy: How to combine economic value creation with inclusiveness and fair distribution?
Stadius, Peter University of Helsinki Contemporary Europe Told From its Nordic and Southern Peripheries – Witness Seminar Series (CONTEUNS)
Suni, Minna University of Jyväskylä Language at work: immigrants and Nordic workplaces
Torjesen, Dag Olaf University of Adger  Sustainable communities in the Kattegat-Skagerrak region — Welfare reforms, collaborative governance and changing managerial roles
Turunen, Tuija University of Lapland Indigenous Pedagogy in Teacher Education, IPED
Tømte, Cathrine Edelhard University of Adger Understanding digital transformation of teaching and learning in Nordic higher education: innovations, mediations, and contexts
Wijermars, Marielle University of Helsinki Augmented Journalism: Shaping News Work in the Age of Automated Journalism
Wyller, Trygve University of Oslo The Politics of Creation (POLCRE) A Nordic Model for Rethinking Radical Recognition in Public and Ecclesial Space

Majority of the funded applications came from Denmark (16), followed by Finland (11), Norway (4), Iceland (2) and Sweden (1). Each application had co-applicants from at least two other Nordic countries. The graph depicts the total involvement by country in applications and in funded projects.



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