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Frequently asked questions

How to log into the online services?
Instructions in English for registering and logging in the online services.


What is HAKA? Is it necessary?
You do not need a HAKA account to access the online services. Applicants associated with Finnish universities can utilize HAKA for logging in.


Do I need my personal identity code to apply or register to the online services?
Only Finnish citizens need their identity code to register in the online services. If you are not from Finland, you may just skip the part.


How do I access the webpage/online services in English?
On the Academy of Finland webpage, the link to access an English version of the website is on the right top corner of the page, right after the Go to online services link. On the log in page of the online services the link is likewise situated on right top corner. Language options on both pages are: FI (Finnish) / EN (English) / SV (Swedish).


What is VAT?
VAT stands for value added tax. VAT is applied according to the administrating organization’s practice and the local VAT. Please check the VAT practice from the finance administration of your organization.


Does the commitment issuer have to be the same for each applicant from the same organization?
The commitment issuer of the organization can be different person in different applications, depending on the practices of the organization in question. The commitment issuer creates a personal account and the applicant selects them from the menu when filling out the application form.


What happens after registering to the online services as a commitment issuer?
There are no general instructions for the commitment issuer. The commitment issuer will receive an email with simple instructions when the call is closed. The commitment issuer is further addressed in the instructions for administrating organizations.

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