What's new in the September 2018 call

This page will be updated over the summer and autumn.

Please check the updated guidelines on our website before filling in your application.

New research council structure

The Academy of Finland will have three research councils as of 1 January 2019: the Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment, the Research Council for Culture and Society, and the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering.

The Research Council for Biosciences and Environment and the Research Council for Health will be dissolved at year-end 2018. They will merge to form a new research council, the Research Council for Biosciences, Health and the Environment, whose members will start their terms on 1 January 2019. The Division of Biosciences, Health and Environmental Research, which supports the new research council at the Academy’s Administration Office, will start operations on 1 August 2018.

The Academy’s criteria for funding decisions, as decided by the Academy Board, are presented on our website. The research councils’ supplementary criteria and policies are also presented on our website. The research councils’ pages also include information on funding decisions from previous rounds and on the review of applications.  Be sure to familiarise yourself with the principles of the research council to which you will submit your application.

The Research Council for Biosciences and Environment and the Research Council for Health have prepared joint funding criteria and policies to support the work of the new research council. The criteria and policies apply to the September 2018 call.

Academy Project call for younger generation of researchers

The Finnish Government’s budget proposal for 2019 includes an increase of 25 million euros for research funding to be distributed by the Academy of Finland. The funding boost is targeted at the younger generation of researchers.

Fill in the research plan online

We have reorganised the structure of the research plan based on feedback from applicants and reviewers. The revised structure of the research plan helps you to highlight aspects that are important for the review. 

Also read our updated guidelines for the CV.

Applicants can authorise other people to read or edit the application

We have introduced a feature in the online services that allows applicants (i.e. principal investigators) to authorise one or several persons to read or edit an incomplete application. The detailed instructions are available here.

Revised guidelines for list of publications

On the Publications tab, enter the ten most important publications for the project (max. 20 publications in total in the case of consortium applications). You must also append a complete list of publications to the application (go to the Appendices tab).

Ask & Apply roadshow

Thank you all for the Ask & Apply tour 2018! The Ask & Apply presentation material (PDF) is now available on our website.

Last modified 19 Sep 2018
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