Step-by-step guide to applying

This step-by-step guide gives you a rundown of the most important steps involved in submitting an application to the Academy of Finland.

  • Read key sections of the call text: the guidelines for applicants, the guidelines specific to the scheme from which you’re applying for funding and the appendices that concern the scheme.
  • Make sure you have a commitment from your site of research (usually a university or research institute) to supporting the project.
  • Log in to our online services when the call opens. Update your personal details.
  • Start drafting the application and its appendices as early as possible. You can draft appendices even before the call opens, and update the application form until the call closes.
  • Draft the appendices (e.g. research plan, CV and list of publications) following the guidelines provided.
  • Get to know the review forms and the review criteria, and make sure to consider them when writing your research plan. You may save and update the appendices until the call closes.
  • You can fill in the application section by section. Make the scientific abstract interesting and descriptive, and provide several detailed keywords (at least research topic, material and methods). Also take some time to write a readable popular description. Remember to save the form every 60 minutes. Submit the application only after you’ve filled in all obligatory information.
  • Consult your site of research when filling in budget details. You’ll need these: percentages for overheads and indirect employee costs, coefficient for effective working hours and details on VAT practice. Justify each cost item in the research plan.
  • Show the finished application to a colleague and make the most of the feedback.
  • Submit the application (incl. obligatory appendices and details) well before the closing date. The system will only accept applications that contain all obligatory information. You can edit and supplement the application until the deadline expires. You can’t edit or submit the application after the deadline has expired.

Information on decision dates is available on our website. We’ll update the information as it becomes available. After the funding decision has been made, we’ll send you an email with a link to the online services, where you can view the decision and any reviews drafted on your application.

You’ll find answers to most questions in the call text and its appendices. If you have questions about the call, get in touch with relevant representatives at your site of research or the call’s contact person.

If you have questions for us after submitting the application and before the decision is made, please call or email the call’s contact person. After the call has closed (April 2018 call), you’ll receive an email about the application process from the contact person.

Last modified 2 Mar 2018
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