FIRI 2020 call – roadmap for national research infrastructures in Finland 2021–2024

1 April 2020
27 May 2020

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee at the Academy of Finland published the Strategy for National Research Infrastructures in Finland 2020–2030 in January. Its vision is that high-class research infrastructure services increase the impact and international attraction of the Finnish research, education and innovation system. The objective of the strategy is to promote the quality, competitiveness and renewal of research, to strengthen the broad-based impact of research environments and to increase national and international cooperation.

Based on the strategy, the Committee is launching a call for research infrastructures to be included in a new roadmap. The call will open in April 2020.

The roadmap for national research infrastructures in Finland 2021–2024 is a plan covering key research infrastructures to be established over the next 10–15 years, infrastructures that are under construction or existing infrastructures that are in need of a major upgrade. Finland’s previous strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures was published in 2014. An interim evaluation was completed in 2018.

Research infrastructures refer to a reserve of research instruments, equipment, data, materials and services that enables research, promotes research collaboration and reinforces research and innovation capacity. Research infrastructures may be single-sited, distributed, virtual or a combination of these.

National research infrastructures are of national or international importance and provide broad support for Finnish research, development and innovation. They may be owned by a single or several research organisations.

We will publish the full call text in March 2020.



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