Salary of principal investigator

Academy funding for research projects (Academy Projects, targeted projects and Academy Programme projects) is primarily intended for the salaries of full-time researchers working on the projects and for other research costs. The salary costs of the PI may, under certain limitations, be incorporated into the total project costs.

1. Including PI’s salary (for project management) in total project costs

The salary costs of the PI may be incorporated into the total project costs in accordance with what is stated in the application. In order for the salary costs to be eligible, the PI’s tasks must be clearly specified in the application. The salary costs must not be significant in relation to the project’s total costs. For example, a four-year research project must not include more than six months of the PI’s effective working hours. This is equivalent to approximately 1.5 months a year.

2. Applying for funding for PI’s salary (for research)

The Academy can grant a maximum of twelve months of funding towards the salary of a PI for conducting research. The funding is intended to support project implementation and granted only for well-substantiated research-related reasons (e.g. work abroad, return to Finland or transfer to another research organisation or a company in Finland). (Possible business collaboration must fulfil the terms set out in the Academy’s general conditions and guidelines) The research-related reasons and the PI’s tasks must be clearly presented in the application. The funding cannot be used for this purpose unless it is mentioned in the terms and conditions included in the funding decision.

3. Granting salary funding to PI with no employment relationship

If the PI does not have an employment relationship with, for example, a university or research institute, they must give an account of how their salary will be covered during the funding period. Applicants must describe this at the application stage. Retired researchers can be granted funding on the same grounds as other researchers.

Last modified 30 Oct 2019
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