Public project description

If a project is granted funding, we will publish a description of the project on our website. The description is written by the applicant when drafting the application. Finnish- or Swedish-speaking applicants write the descriptions in Finnish or Swedish. All applicants must also write a description in English.

The public description helps the Academy of Finland and researchers to disseminate information on the funded research to a mainstream audience. The description should therefore be as readable as possible and written for a nonscientific audience.

We will use the project description in our communications on the research project. The project description is also stored on, a service that will make available information on research conducted in Finland.

The maximum length of the description is 1,000 characters including spaces.

It should contain the following information:

  • topic and rationale
  • data and research methods to be used (interviews, statistical data, archive resources, etc.)
  • site of research
  • significance and objectives of the research from the perspectives of society and science
  • any other interesting aspects
  • if relevant, link to the researcher’s website, if it contains more information on the topic
  • if relevant, references to previous publications that are readily available at public libraries or on the internet.

Please note that we will not edit project descriptions – it is the applicants who are responsible for the content, clarity and style of the descriptions. You may edit the project description before you accept the funding.

Last modified 9 Jun 2020
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