Public project description

If a project is granted funding, we will publish the description of the project on our website. The description is written by the applicant when drafting the application. Finnish- or Swedish-speaking applicants write their descriptions in Finnish or Swedish. All applicants must also write a description in English.

The public description helps the Academy of Finland and researchers to disseminate information on Academy-funded research. The description should therefore be as readable as possible and written for a nonscientific audience.

The description should be no more than 1000 characters long.

It should cover the following information:

  • the topic of the research and the rationale
  • the data and research methods to be used (interviews, statistical data, archive materials, etc.)
  • the site of research
  • the significance and objectives of the research from the perspective of society and science
  • any other interesting aspects
  • if relevant, a link to the researcher’s website, if it contains more information on the topic
  • if relevant, references to previous publications that are readily available at public libraries or on the internet.

We cannot edit project descriptions – it is the applicants who are responsible for the content, clarity and style of the descriptions. The funding recipient may edit the project description before they accept the funding.

Last modified 21 Mar 2019
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