Mobility allowance in research projects

The mobility allowance in research projects depends neither on the target country nor on the duration of the stay. It is a taxable benefit and indirect employee costs will be deducted from it:

  • for a researcher with no dependants:1,050 euros/month
  • for a researcher with dependants:1,500 euros/month

The mobility allowance is applied for as a research cost for implementing the research plan and as part of the original application of the project (e.g. Academy Projects, Academy Programmes and research posts). The recommended amount should be enough to cover the costs of higher living expenses from living abroad.

Mobility allowance is applied for on the tab Funding for the project under Other expences. Ticket costs for travel abroad are entered separately under Travel costs. If researchers and their families stay abroad for at least six months, funding can also be applied for to cover family travel costs. You must justify the need for mobility allowance.

The amounts are recommendations by the Academy and form the basis of the funding decision.


Last modified 22 Mar 2019
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