Sustainable Use of Natural Resources SUNARE - research program


The  programme  was  financed  by  the  Academy  of  Finland,  the  Ministry  of Agriculture  and  Forestry,  and  the  National  Technology  Agency,  Tekes. 

The  total funding was 9.25 million euros (FIM 45 million), with the Academy granting 8.07 million  euros  to  the  programme,  the  Ministry  of  Agriculture  and  Forestry  0.84 million, and Tekes 0.25 million euros.

The financing periods for the research projects began in April 2001 and continued until 31 May  2004. 

The programme was set up to engage research within the following themes:

•  Production and use of renewable raw material
•  Development of sustainable nature tourism
•  Planning and decision making concerning natural resources
•  The use of new research methods like virtual technology, ecological modelling combined with geographic data

The  main  objectives  of  the  Research  Programme  on  Sustainable  Use  of  Natural Resources that the researchers were supposed to address were:

•  to develop interdisciplinary research on the sustainable use of natural resources;
•  to promote the transmitting of related research data from its producers to its users;
•  to create new national and international research contacts;
•  to improve and diversify the sustainable management and use of renewable natural resources;
•  to improve decision-making concerning the sustainable use of natural resources; and
•  to promote researcher training in the fi eld.

Programme Memorandum

Evaluation report

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