The Health and Welfare of Children and Young People (SKIDI-KIDS)

The changing of children's and young people's social standing is a result of the developments that have taken place in society at large. Unlike adults, children have had the opportunity to influence their own life environments or to have their needs met, as long as society has reached a certain level of affluence. Welfare and wellbeing are not, however, evenly distributed across society. Such inequalities may particularly be seen in children, and may pass on cross-generationally.

Research on children and young people is not, however, merely problem-centred. Research can discover resources and opportunities to contribute to the positive development of younger generations. The environments where children grow up form the basis for a balanced humanity. Service delivery systems should therefore seek to meet the real needs of children and young people and not act merely administratively. This would also generate true impact.

These are among the issues being explored in the Academy Programme The Health and Welfare of Children and Young People (SKIDI-KIDS). The aim is to create new knowledge that will provide new insights, explain mechanisms, evaluate preventive interventions, and improve the evidence base necessary to optimise clinical practice and policy decisions affecting mental health and addiction in children and youth.

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