Russia in Flux


The Academy of Finland launched an extensive and internationally oriented research programme on Russia in flux. The Academy allocated 8.2 million euros and Finnish ministries and the National Technology Agency Tekes 1.26 million euros for the programme for 2003-2007. 

The programme consisted of 30 separate projects with some hundred researchers from various fields of scientific research. In the programme there was co-operation with russian funding partner Russian Foundation for Humanities (

The research programme was concerned with Russia in flux; its purpose was to shed light on Russia as a state, society, natural environment and as an economic and cultural area. More specifically, the aim was to gain a clearer picture of the conditions prevailing in Russia, the ongoing processes of change, and the underlying causes of those processes, and also their impacts. The research generated information that helps us to reach a deeper understanding of Russia and that can be used in strategic decision-making in different sectors of society.

The programme covered following thematic areas:

Russia as an international actor Regional policy, internal administration and security Natural resources, the environment and sustainable development Economic mechanisms Technological prospects Health and well-being Cultural changes Values in society and education.

Programme Memorandum

Evaluation report


The programme was coordinated by Programme Manager Mikko Ylikangas, Academy of Finland.


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