PROTEK Process Technology (1999-2002)



This programme focused on the chemical and mechanical process industries, the objective of this research programme was to develop and improve the quality of industrial processes and to strengthen the competitiveness of process industry products. The aim was to establish and support basic research in process technology that draws on different scientific disciplines and to promote the broader application of research results.

Finnish research in process technology is cutting edge in the OECD group, but it was held that coordination of research cooperation still leaves much to be desired. The programme intensified collaboration between universities and facilitated the transfer of know-how as well as research personnel into the process industry. It was concluded that efforts must be continued to improve the quality of production in the process industry, to increase its cost-effectiveness and to reduce the environmental impacts of industrial pro-cesses.


The main focus in the programme was on basic process phenomena, process simulation, modelling, optimisation and the development of research methodology. The themes covered in the research projects ranged from bioprocess technology to catalyst research and from modelling to combustion and wood processing processes.

The four biggest projects represented around two-thirds of the whole programme. These projects were concerned with the separation of liquids and solid matter by filtering and crystallisation methods, fuel cracking by catalyst as well as with the behaviour of biofuels and other types of fuel in combustion processes and later in the form of ash substances. Process modelling was an integral part of all the projects.


The programme comprised nine projects and involved researchers from the following organisations: Helsinki University of Technology, Lappeenranta University of Technology, the universities of Helsinki and Oulu, Åbo Akademi University and the Technical Research Centre VTT. The combined research effort is equivalent to 74 person-years.


Funding from the Academy of Finland amounted to EUR 2.5 million.

Duration 1999-2002

Evaluation 12/02 Research Programme for Process Technology 1999-2002.pdf


Protek Annual Report 2000 pdf

Protek Annual Report 2001.pdf


This research programme was coordinated by coordinator Ritva Taurio, Academy of Finland.

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