Climate Change (FICCA)

Intensive research is being carried out on a global scale to study climate change and its effects. The research has branched out into several fields of science, with a special emphasis on ways of managing climate change through adaptation and mitigation.

Adaptation to the effects of climate change is a technological, economic, cultural and infrastructure-related issue. Mitigation of climate change, in turn, is based on efforts to slow down global warming through the reduction of man-made emissions.

The Academy Programme Climate Change (FICCA, 2011–2014) was launched to respond to the scientific challenges posed by climate change on a broad front. One of the principles underlying the programme is to support the type of multidisciplinary research that addresses the social and environmental spheres side by side – the objective being a systemic approach to research problems. The fact that the programme includes international research projects adds to its scientific and social impacts.

The programme consists of eleven extensive research projects, both Finnish projects and international joint projects.

Read more about the programme's themes, background and goals.

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