EMMA Electronic Materials and Microsystems (1999-2002)



The aim of this research programme was to promote basic research at the highest possible level with a view to supporting Finnish R&D in electronics, maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the electronics industry and encouraging innovation of new applications. The electronics industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and there is a growing need for people with top qualifications in both the research community and the business sector. Therefore, this research programme was also aimed at creating appropriate research and training environments in universities.

The continuing growth and development of the electronics and electrical industry is putting increased pressure on the need for basic research. From the very outset the Finnish electronics industry has in its production chain covered everything from silicon discs to microsystems for environment measurements.


The programme was concerned with studying electronic materials, covering the whole field from growing materials to processing them into devices. One of the research themes was represented by silicon-based materials and the processing of these materials. Another theme was the physical and chemical compatibility of different materials and interface phenomena for the needs of the semiconductor industry. Work continued to develop new materials for the production of blue light and ultraviolet light sources and components that could withstand high temperatures and high stresses. Projects working in the third theme area were aimed at expanding the application of silicon technology methods from the production of microcircuits to the development of complex microsystems.


The programme comprised 11 projects, six of which are consortia involving several research teams. A total of some 50 researchers were involved on a full-time basis in the following organisations: Helsinki University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology, the universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Turku, Åbo Akademi University and the Technical Research Centre VTT. There was also a large number of part-time researchers.


Programme funding from the Academy of Finland amounts to EUR 5.1 million.

Duration 1999-2002

Evaluation 10/02 Evaluation Report of the Electronic Materials and Microsystems.pdf

Coordination The research programme was coordinated by senior advisor Juha Latikka, The Academy of Finland, Helsinki.

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