Responding to Public Health Challenges SALVE

The overall goal of the Academy of Finland’s Research Programme Responding to Public Health Challenges (SALVE) was to provide applicable knowledge for responding to the current and future key public health issues. Instead of applying a disease-centred approach, the programme placed emphasis on early intervention before the onset of disease hazards.

The aim of the research programme was to:

  • create new knowledge aiming at significant public health impacts, in addition to scientific impacts
  • enable planning, development and implementation of new procedures and policies to improve public health
  • support evaluation of existing interventions and approaches in healthcare and policy
  • open new opportunities for health promotion
  • meet the information needs of society on major public health issues and health promoting activities
  • intensify the dissemination of research results

The aim of the programme was to stress the application of the infrastructures and special know-how provided by Finnish society. A particular aim was to fund extensive, multidisciplinary consortium projects within the programme. Another aim was to bring together approaches applied by public health research as well as behavioural sciences, social sciences and biosciences.

Programme Memorandum


The programme was coordinated by Programme Manager Jukka Reivinen,  Academy of Finland

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