Ubiquitous computing and diversity of communication MOTIVE

Ubiquitous computing, communications, information retrieval and personal contact are proliferating in every conceivable form. Technological development has multiplied the forms of communication. Communications have also altered the economy, the way we spend our time and the possibilities for individual participation. Print media are losing readers and advertisers, whilst networks and mobile technologies convey messages everywhere and offer personalised usage.

A key element of the programme was to examine citizens and how communications and various media shape work and leisure as well as create principles and technological solutions, based on which it is possible to promote the desired influences. Different applications can be used in the actual exchange of information, training, culture and entertainment as well as the production of numerous health care and educational services.

The objective of the research programme was to

- generate basic information and solutions based on it to serve as a foundation for realising ubiquitous citizen-centred information technologies

- produce new knowledge on communications, the diversity of messages and their place in the lives of people - generate competitive expertise

- engage researchers from a variety of fields in a dialogue

- support the establishment of competence centres in the communications sector

The programme was multidisciplinary: computing science, language and communications sciences; cultural research; language and communications technologies; behavioural sciences; economics; jurisprudence; psychology.

Programme Memorandum

Projects and their descriptions


The programme was coordinated by Programme Manager Mikko Ylikangas,  Academy of Finland

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