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The general aim of the Research Programme on Sustainable Production and Products (KETJU) was to meet the major future challenges in basic research of chemical industries and process and productions engineering. Production and products affect the environment all through the product life cycle, from the product design stage to raw material acquisition, production, distribution, use and disposal. The draining of natural resources and downswing in the state of the environment directly affect the economic development. The programme placed special emphasis on interdisciplinary research and international cooperation.

The objectives were:

  • to strengthen basic research in process engineering and chemistry to boost future R&D in industries and to steer research to develop sustainable solutions in process and chemical industries;
  • to produce new and innovative scientific knowledge in the identification, assessment and management of detrimental substances and their risks, the optimal recycling of raw materials, the minimising of waste production and new products and productions concepts making good use of innovations;
  • to provide a sound platform for the development of eco-efficient processes and products with innovations based on expertise in environmental protection and chemicals safety and process and chemical engineering;
  • to strengthen scientific knowledge and expertise and develop research environments in areas that promote sustainable production and products.

The research themes were:

  • Industrial ecology
  • Green chemistry and engineering
  • Chemicas in industrial production; testing and regulation

Programme Memorandum


KETJU research programme was evalated by an international panel. An evaluation report was published in September, 2012.


The Academy of Finland allocated EUR 10,8 million euros to the programme.


Years 2006–2013 (* international projects continued during years 2010-2013)


The programme was coordinated by programme manager Saila Seppo from the Academy of Finland.

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