The Future of Living and Housing (ASU-LIVE)

Changes in family, age structures, lifestyles and the workplace as well as energy issues and the challenges of sustainable development have put a whole new focus on issues of living and housing. Requirements of accessibility, sustainability and variability have gained increasing prominence in relation to living and housing. More research is needed in the field of land use, other environmental aspects of housing as well as housing renovation and repairs. Despite their prominence and importance, housing issues have received only modest basic research attention in Finland when compared to many other European countries.

The Future of Living and Housing (ASU-LIVE) was an Academy Programme approaching the future of living and housing as a substantive entity that comprised environmental issues from sustainable development to land use, logistics and services, and consumer issues from cultural needs through to health issues. The framework and themes for the programme were selected with a view to covering a wide range of recent housing trends and particularly various social, economic, technological and environmental issues related to housing. As well as producing high-level scientific results, the programme was expected to further deepen the dialogue between researchers and end-users of knowledge and to raise debate about the results of basic research at as early a stage as possible.

Read more about the programme’s themes, background and goals.

Programme evaluation report

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