The Application of Information Technology in Mechanical, Civil and Automation Engineering KITARA


The research programme on the Application of Information Technology in Mechanical, Civil and Automation Engineering (KITARA, 2005-2009) was initiated by the Academy of Finland, the National Technology Agency Tekes, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries and the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients.

Objectives The aim of the research programme was to strengthen basic research expertise in the fields of mechanical, civil and automation engineering through the application of ICTs. The programme sought to support the development of new multidisciplinary research groups and national and international networks of research cooperation.


  • ICTs that support design, manufacture and use
  • ICTs incorporated in the project
  • Life-cycle management and its networking in business companies and systems
  • ICTs that support interaction between users and building/machine and the changing environment of use

Extent The KITARA programme involved 15 consortia projects. The Academy of Finland and the Ministry of the Environment granted funding to ten projects and Tekes to five projects. Eight of the projects were in the field of civil engineering, four in mechanical engineering and three in automation engineering.

Funding The total funding of the KITARA programme amounted to 8 million euros. The Academy of Finland's Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering granted 5.6 million euros to the programme in project funding; the funding provided by the Ministry of the Environment was 0.4 million euros and by Tekes 2 million euros.

Programme memorandum

Duration 2005-2009

Evaluation KITARA Research Programme has been evaluated and the final evaluation report can be found here.

Coordination This research programme was coordinated by programme manager Saila Karvinen, Academy of Finland

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