Societal impact and opportunities

The Research Council of Finland monitors the impact of the research it has funded, for example, through the final reports of research projects. In the reports, researchers are asked to assess the impact of their research project as well as the opportunities for impact not yet realised.

Impact and opportunities for impact are analysed as comprehensively as possible from different perspectives:

  • public services and the functioning of society
  • culture and human understanding
  • economy and business life
  • health and wellbeing
  • environment and natural resources.

Below is a picture with information on the self-assessments of the societal impact and impact potential of the projects reported to the Academy of Finland in 2017–2021. The paths, timeframes and manifestations of impact vary by field of science.

The researcher may choose the perspective for their assessment of impact and opportunities for impact as they see fit. The Research Council of Finland does not strive to guide research towards a certain type of impact or to value different kinds of impact. The assessment of the impact and opportunities for impact is carried out within approximately one year of the end of the project. However, the impact of research often manifests itself with considerable delay.

  • One-fifth of the projects selected one perspective.
  • One-fifth of the projects selected two perspectives.
  • Half of the projects selected at least three perspectives.

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