Peltonen, Markku

Historical sciences
University of Helsinki

Markku Peltonen is a professor at the University of Helsinki whose research specialisation is in the field of historical sciences. Professor Peltonen is one of the world’s leading scholars in the modern history of thought, and he has an extensive network of international contacts. An important strength of Professor Peltonen’s research plan is that it will generate new knowledge about the early-modern participatory politics and representative democracy. He challenges several prevailing analyses of political participation and offers a new interpretation of the importance of participatory politics to political thought and state formation.

Professor Peltonen’s study on “Participatory Politics and State Formation in Early-Modern England: Monarchy, the Public and Democratic Distrust” cuts across the disciplines of history and political science. His aim is to demonstrate that earlier research has underestimated the extent of political participation, ignored its background, misunderstood its historical significance and failed to address its importance to state formation and early-modern political thought. Professor Peltonen contests the Habermasian concept of communicative rationality and its contribution to explaining early-modern participatory politics and state formation. This is a highly significant and influential research theme.

Last modified 25 Feb 2015
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