Mäki, Uskali

1.1. 2013–31.12. 2017
Philosophy of science and methodology
University of Helsinki

Uskali Mäki is Professor and Research Director at the University of Helsinki. His research field is the philosophy of science and methodology. Mäki has made his international scientific breakthrough as one of the founders of the philosophy of modern economics. He is considered to be the researcher who has most contributed to the development of the philosophy of economics worldwide, and his research team has a widely recognised position within the international research community. Mäki intends to establish an interdisciplinary philosophy, which is also on the agenda of the research plan he has drafted for his Academy Professorship. Mäki will pursue two parallel and mutually supporting lines of inquiry: philosophical analyses of aspects of economics and other disciplines in their interrelations; and general philosophical accounts of interdisciplinary relations and dynamics in terms of models, explanation and mechanism, evidence and progress.

Mäki is Director of the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. He has previously been Academy Professor in 2006–2011, when he set up a research team (Trends and Tensions in Intellectual Integration, TINT) that has emerged into an internationally highly recognised interdisciplinary research community in the social sciences.

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