Ivaska, Johanna

1.1.2015 - 31.12.2019
University of Turku

Professor Johanna Ivaska’s (University of Turku) research focus is on the changes that occur in cells with the development of cancer metastases. Integrins are important cell adhesion receptors that regulate the division of cells and their movement in tissue. Changes in cell adhesion properties are a key factor in the formation of cancer metastases. The aim of Professor Ivaska’s research is to reach a fundamentally new mechanical understanding of how integrins work in cancer cells and to produce a roadmap of integrin receptor operation and communication chains.

The research combines different methods, including in vivo models, high-throughput screening and applications of synthetic biology. These innovative approaches will yield significant new information about the pathways of cancer cells and their movement in tissue. The project is expected to result in major scientific breakthroughs in this topical field of biomedicine.

Johanna Ivaska is a highly merited researcher. For instance, she has on two occasions received substantial competitive research funding from the European Research Council. In addition, she has received several prestigious international and national awards, including the Anders Jahre Medical Research Award for Young Researchers in 2011.

Last modified 25 Feb 2015
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